New widgets to accept payment at Merchant WebMoney

Merchant WebMoney service has now new payment widgets that do not take away user from the merchant's website:

• a button to accept pauypayment by WebMoney and bank cards;
• a button to accept payments by bank cards;
• a payment form with user defined amount.


New features of WebMoney Keeper for iOS and macOS

A new version of WebMoney Keeper with new functionality, improved integration with the Debt and Files services is now available in the Apple App Store and the Mac App Store.

It has now become even easier to transfer funds via phone number and to top-up mobile phone by selecting the required contact from the contact list on your mobile device.

Users who operate with a number of WMIDs simultaneously within the app can now allocate a name to be displayed for each WMIDs.

Also, your operations within the E-NUM application can now be confirmed from another device by clicking the `Send response to the website` button.

You can download WebMoney Keeper for iOS and macOS right now.


AliExpress birthday sale is now on

The sale to mark the 9th birthday of AliExpress has now started. As always, discounts on thousands of product categories with up to 80% off, vouchers and prize draws are waiting for you. The sale will continue until the 1st of April 2019. 

You can conveniently pay for purchases at AliExpress with your WebMoney wallet.

Have an enjoyable time shopping.



Dividends for owners of MSFT.SER and SYMC.SER notes at INDX Exchange

At INDX Exchange, dividends were issued to owners of notes of MSFT.SER (Microsoft Corporation) and SYMC.SER (SYMANTEC Corporation) instruments.

Owners of notes of MSFT.SER instrument received 0.0029 WMZ per note as of 21 February 2019 and traders with notes of SYMC.SER instrument in their portfolio received 0.0005 WMZ per note as of 19 February 2019.

Every participant of the WebMoney system can invest their free funds in notes at INDX Exchange. Select instruments secured by shares in Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, Adobe, Oracle, IBM and other globally recognised names.


WebMoney fund transfers with a mobile number

To transfer WebMoney you do not need to know a recipient WMID or their wallet number. All you need to know is their mobile number. The funds will be transferred instantly.

Select `Transfer Funds` from the menu of the WebMoney Keeper app or its desktop version and then select `Via a mobile number`.

If a recipient is not registered with the system, funds will be transferred to WebMoney.Check which a recipient can access with their mobile number.


New identification method in the WebMoney Transfer system, VideoID

A new identification method, VideoID has been introduced to WebMoney Transfer system participants.

The recording process of a VideoID takes only a few minutes, you just need your national ID, a smartphone or a desktop with a web camera. As of today, VideoID is the fastest and most convenient option for receiving an Initial Passport of the WebMoney Transfer system.

When a user has a VideoID, it is stated in their `borrower` card within the WebMoney Debt service which increases the borrower`s rating from the perspective of a potential lender. The automated scoring of the Debt service is already issuing loans only to users with a VideoID.

You can record your VideoID now via the following link.


New version of Digiseller

The Digiseller service used for the sale and delivery of digital content has been significantly updated. The new version offers to users English version of a user personal profile, an option of sending mass emails to their customer base and sending notifications to Telegram together with the connection to Google Analytics, new themes for their shop widget and other new functionality. 

Sellers now have an option of adding an agent to the blacklist, hiding their advertising rate on trading platforms and making copies of descriptions of their products.

Sellers of the platform can also benefit from using a convenient template engine for the mass setting of parameters of agent fees, and can also use a specially designed tool for the protection from wholesale dealers.


Withdrawal of WebMoney via UNISTREAM in Bulgaria, Albania, Turkey and Vietnam

WebMoney system participants in Bulgaria, Albania, Turkey and Vietnam can withdraw funds via UNISTREAM. To use this option, a user needs to submit an application via the `Cashout` menu at

A payout is made directly to the sender of funds and the name of the recipient and that of the WMID`s owner should match.

In addition to the listed countries, the withdrawal of funds via UNISTREAM is available in Abkhazia, Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Israel, Lithuania, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Cyprus.


New version of WebMoney Keeper for iOS, macOS and Android

New and updated version of WebMoney Keeper for iOS, macOS and Android is available now. It has new functionality and improved integration with the Files and Passport services.

New version allows you to send and request location coordinates with photo and video.

You can download the application from the Apple App Store, the Mac App Store and the Google Play Store app right now.


Fund transfer between WebMoney and Sberbank via a mobile number

WebMoney system participants and Sberbank cardholders can now instantly transfer funds with a mobile number.

The service fee for a fund transfer to a WebMoney wallet is 2.3% and for a transfer to a Sberbank card is 2%. 

To add funds to your WebMoney wallet, enter WebMoney in the search of Sberbank Online and select `Transfer funds with a wallet/mobile number`.

To transfer funds to a Sberbank card, select `Transfer funds` from the WebMoney Keeper mobile application`s menu or from the menu of WebMoney Keeper for desktops and then select `Via mobile number`.



Updated version of WebMoney Keeper Standard

In the new version of WebMoney Keeper Standard, you can view the details of your financial relations with the selected correspondent which are displayed below the card with information about the correspondent. The time of the latest activity of the correspondent within the system is displayed in the second row of the chat on the same page. 

The settings now allow you to disable access to your WMID for WebMoney Keeper applications from the devices with Android, iOS and macOS operating systems. 

The `Standard Management Tools` option has been added to the interface settings for the convenience of those users who require special assistance. 

The new version also features improved localisation, optimised interaction with the Files.WebMoney service and many other upgrades.


Pay with WebMoney in BURGER KING

Pay with WebMoney in all Burger King restaurants in Russia.

Simply inform the cashier that you want to pay for your order with WebMoney, scan the QR code displayed on the cash till screen with the WebMoney Keeper mobile application and confirm the transaction.

You can additionally benefit from our special offer, `10% Cashback to your WebMoney wallet` which is valid up until the 31st of May 2019. The offer is applied via coupons and discounts and can be used an unlimited amount of times.

More information can be found at


Resumed top-up and withdrawal of Ethereum on INDX Exchange

Due to the transfer of hard fork Constantinople within the Ethereum network, the operations of top-up and withdrawal of instrument ETH.ECU on INDX Exchange have been resumed.


New version of WebMoney Keeper WinPro 

The newest version of WebMoney Keeper WinPro is now more convenient for business with an added new feature which allows you to share your desktop with a selected contact.

Also, you can now adjust the font size in the chat with the mouse wheel while holding down the CTRL key.

To find out when a correspondent of interest logged into the system last, hover your mouse on the correspondent`s avatar while holding the CTRL key or click on `Correspondent Details`.

You can now find a new menu option for X/H/L wallets, `Withdraw to Address`, which will help you to quickly access the required website where you can submit an application for withdrawal.

You can upgrade to version of Keeper WinPro without downloading the distributed software. After you have logged into the previous version, you need to accept an update in the pop-up window and your version will be automatically upgraded.



Temporary suspension of deposit/withdrawal of Ethereum

Due to the updated forecast of the expected Ethereum hard fork, all operations of the deposit and withdrawal of ETH at INDX Exchange will be temporarily suspended from the 16th of January 2019.

These operations are planned to be resumed in 24 hours after the hard fork completion.


Announcement on the forthcoming Ethereum hard fork

INDX Exchange will support the planned Constantinople hard fork within the Ethereum blockchain.

The agreed activation point is on 7,080,000 blocks and the hard fork is expected to take place between the 14th and 18th of January 2019. 

The deposit and withdrawal of ETH will be postponed for the duration of the hard fork.


The upper limit for withdrawal of BTC, BCH, LTC, BTG, BSV has been increased, with no additional verification required

The Guarantor has lowered the restrictions on the withdrawal up to 0.6 BTC, 15.0 BCH, 100.0 LTC, 200.0 BTG and 30.0 BSV.

The increased limits with no additional verification are applicable to WebMoney purses (WMX, WML, WMH) and instruments on the INDX Internet exchange.


New IOTA.ECU instrument at INDX Exchange

A new instrument, IOTA.ECU, has been launched at the INDX online exchanger. 1 (one) note of the IOTA.ECU instrument is an equivalent to one million (1 000 000) IOTA accounting units or 1 MIOTA.

The minimum top-up amount is 0.0001 MIOTA.  The withdrawal limits are set at a minimum of 1.5 MIOTA and a maximum of 15000 MIOTA (15000 notes).  The commission fee for withdrawal is 0.5 MIOTA.


Together into 2019: The Year End Results and Plans for the Future

Dear friends, we, at WebMoney, wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The days just before these winter holidays are traditionally considered as the time for reflection on the journey made to date, and for sending best wishes. Our wish to you is that you continue to confidently navigate towards your most ambitious goals and aspirations and, of course, that you always have your WebMoney wallets full.

For the past year, we were continuously working on enhancing the convenience of use of the WebMoney electronic wallet, not only for online operations but also in restaurants, cafes and shops. Our WebMoney Keeper mobile applications now have new functions allowing their users to engage in trading at the INDX online exchange, managing a few WMIDs at once and many more.

The WebMoney Events social and business network now has a new section, `Freelancers` and an option for creating personal assistants, bots.

One of the highlights of the year, in the juncture between art and technology, was the ICO for the screening of `Empire V` based on the novel by Victor Pelevin. We are pleased to share with you that the ICO was successfully finalised and, currently, the Bablos tokens can be purchased at the INDX online exchange.

In the past year, we have also supported the Bitcoin Cash hard fork on the 15th of November and credited the relevant volume of notes of the BSV.ECU instrument at to all system participants who were in possession of WMH at the time of the hard fork.

Our fundraising service which was launched at the beginning of 2018 has proved to be very popular among streamers, mainly due to the absence of additional commissions.

Options of adding funds to and withdrawing funds from a WebMoney wallet are now available in dozens of countries where WebMoney has a presence due to newly formed partnerships.

This year we celebrated our 20th birthday and we have no intention of slowing down and can promise you much excitement awaiting ahead, such as the launch of our services in new countries and the delivery of innovative solutions.


New BABLOS.SER instrument at INDX Exchange

A new instrument, BABLOS.SER, has been launched at the INDX online exchanger. The instrument is secured by BABLOS tokens.

10 (ten) notes of the BABLOS.SER instrument are an equivalent to one BABLOS token.

The withdrawal limits are set at a minimum of 11 and a maximum of 10,000 of BABLOS.SER notes (1,000 BABLOS). The commission fee for withdrawal is 1 (one) BABLOS.SER note.

The minimum top-up amount is 1 (one) BABLOS (10 BABLOS.SER notes).

BABLOS is a cryptocurrency launched by the producers of “Empire V” for the financing of the screening based on the novel with the same name by V. Pelevin.