Ethereum wallet in the WebMoney system - WMF

WebMoney Transfer system has a new type of title units - WMF with accounting in Ethereum (ETH). 1 WMF corresponds to 0.001 ETH.

Ethereum deposits and withdrawals are carried out on website.

Owners of WMF wallets benefit from all features of WebMoney system: instant transfers with low and fixed commission, exchange for other title units, for example, WMZ or WMX, dozens of services for doing business and settlements.

Create a WMF wallet right now in WebMoney Keeper.


Temporary suspension of deposit/withdrawal of Ethereum

Due to the updated forecast of the expected Ethereum hard fork, all operations of the deposit and withdrawal of ETH at INDX Exchange will be temporarily suspended from the 16th of January 2019.

These operations are planned to be resumed in 24 hours after the hard fork completion.


Announcement on the forthcoming Ethereum hard fork

INDX Exchange will support the planned Constantinople hard fork within the Ethereum blockchain.

The agreed activation point is on 7,080,000 blocks and the hard fork is expected to take place between the 14th and 18th of January 2019. 

The deposit and withdrawal of ETH will be postponed for the duration of the hard fork.