WebMoney Keeper Pro app update

A new version of the WebMoney Keeper Pro mobile application for professional usage has been released with new improved chat.

Users can now delete message history and view read status.

Additionally, the chat displays information about invoices and transactions.

Update or download WebMoney Keeper Pro from Google Play Store, Apple App Store or Huawei AppGallery right now!


WebMoney Keeper WinPro

WebMoney Keeper WinPro for the professional usage has been released with an updated chat messenger. 

Now you can edit and delete messages, copy images to the clipboard and save files to your hard drive without the transfer to WebMoney Files service.

Videos from YouTube and WebMoney Files can be watched directly in the chat.

The settings has become more flexible: you can disable the formatting of elements and specify the number of events for loading when scrolling up.

In addition, the chat interface has been completely redesigned and the message history loading speed has been increased.

Download or update WebMoney Keeper WinPro right now.


WebMoney Keeper Apps Update

Meet the WebMoney Keeper app new version 5.0.0 for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows (UWP) and the updated website!

Customize the main screen of the app by adding the widgets you need: "Recent Actions", "Recent Transactions", "INDX", "WM⇄WM Exchange", "System News" and others.

The updated version is already available in the Apple App Store, Mac App Store, Google Play Market, HUAWEI AppGallery and Microsoft Store. To work with WebMoney Keeper, go to from your browser.


WebMoney Keeper WebPro Update

A  new version of WebMoney Keeper WebPro for the browser has been released with the improved chat support.

The usual actions - audio and video calls, sending files, transferring WebMoney and invoicing - are now available in one click thanks to the shortcut icons.

Working with files has become more convenient: appeared images and video preview and the ability to listen to audio. File can be downloaded by simply clicking on the icon.

The chat appearance has also been changed - the correspondents list is now shown on the left. In addition, when the interlocutor is typing text, an alert appears, and you can format the text using hot keys.


WebMoney Merchant New Features

Merchants, that accept payment with WebMoney Merchant service, can add a universal payment link to their website. The link display is also possible as a button or QR code depending on the user's device (smartphone, tablet, computer).

Payment is made directly in the WebMoney Keeper mobile app without the redirection to the website with the payment form. The detailed instruction is available here.


Fast Payment with WebMoney Keeper App

Payment for goods and services with WebMoney Keeper app has become even more convenient and fast: the buyer does not need to enter any data.

Scan the QR code when paying from a computer or follow the link from a mobile device and confirm the payment in the app.


Paying with WebMoney at Shell gas stations

Payment by QR code from a WebMoney wallet has become available at more than 220 Shell petrol stations in Russia.

To use the option, the driver needs to go to the ‘Pay’ section of the ‘QR code’ menu in the WebMoney Keeper mobile application to generate a dynamic code that is shown to the cashier for scanning. Confirmation on a successful transaction is instantly displayed at the checkout.

Until July 31, 2021, the ‘Refuel with cashback’ promo campaign is in effect, allowing you to have 10% of each payment returned back to the WebMoney wallet. Balance deposit takes place in the month following the transaction. In addition to that, members of the Shell ClubSmart loyalty program receive double bonus points throughout 2021.

"Volumes of QR facilitated payments are growing actively in the consumer sector. We always strive to offer our customers the widest choice of services, including payment methods, and do hope that they will appreciate new wireless options available. We anticipate that payments, carried out with the help of FPS and WebMoney, will take up to 10% of the total volume of non-cash transactions at our filling stations in the medium run," said Vitaly Maslov, Director of Development and Operations Management of the Shell Russia network.


Farewell, 2020: we’ve become stronger together, it’s time to move on

2020 was a year of many trials and challenges for all of us. Once again, the situation has shown how important high-quality and affordable digital services are. Throughout the year, we continued to develop the System, targeting your convenience, and improving our services and applications. As the holiday eve is approaching, let us sum up the results!

We kept expanding our geographical boundaries adding new ways to deposit and withdraw WebMoney for our users in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Thailand, and to exchange WebMoney to M-Pesa (Kenya). P-wallets in Russian rubles have become available in dozens of countries.

Our Guarantor in Uzbekistan was among the first in the country to receive a payment license, and deserved congratulations in 2020. System participants from Ukraine now have the opportunity to freely manage their funds. The WebMoney Transfer system has converted the remaining funds on U-purses to WMZ at its own expense.

In a situation where many people shifted to working remotely, tools for doing business online got to the spotlight. We have updated the WebMoney Video call service, increasing the number of conference participants, adding authorization via face recognition and other features! SEO experts, programming wizards, professionals in marketing, psychology and other fields have already praised our platform that allows conducting paid video consultations with per-minute billing.

A big step has been taken towards remote identification: more and more participants of the system around the world have used VideoID to confirm their identity, and owners of P-wallets can now complete identification using a video interview!

Our apps got even better! WebMoney Keeper for all platforms was enforced with a sleek design, got integrated with the Mentor service, got VideoID in-app recording and other useful options.

The list goes on, but the main thing for us are the members of the system and our partners. Thus, we sincerely wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and all the confidence in the future, unlimited creativity and lots of new bright achievements!


WebMoney Keeper application update for mobile devices and macOS

WebMoney Keeper 4.1.0 for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows (UWP) has been released.

Easy access to the essentials! Click on the profile to open a section with the personal information of the system participant. Edit data and upload documents directly in WebMoney Keeper without being redirected to the Verification Centre website!

The application now has the ability to request the details of a virtual card and set names for the linked accounts.

Working with files has become more convenient: the new version of WebMoney Keeper supports video and allows sending several images at once. File upload is now available in the chat with technical support.

In the security settings it is possible to control the confirmation methods i.e. enable E-NUM or SMS.

Plus, the Android app got a dark theme!

Download WebMoney Keeper for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows (UWP) right now!


WebMoney Keeper WinPro for Windows

WebMoney Keeper WinPro for professional use is now available with advanced support for P-wallets. Users can exchange WMP for other title units directly in the program and transfer the wallet to archive. The convenient update of information about current limits was also added.

Big changes have been made to the chat, where spell checking, display of preview images, and playing audio and video files directly in the program have appeared. Tabs with open conversations could be conveniently arranged by dragging with the mouse.

During a video call, WebMoney Keeper WinPro automatically turns on the previously selected camera. In addition, the program has become more stable when the computer exits hibernation mode.

Download or update WebMoney Keeper WinPro right now.


Attention, 2020 is just around the corner!

We are now entering New Year territory and ask system participants to get ready to hear the annual company results, and to receive New Year wishes.

2019 proved to be a very eventful year.

Once again we expanded our geographical borders – WebMoney entered Uzbekistan and introduced WMY-wallet in the local currency, Uzbekistani som. And in Kazakhstan, we significantly increased the number of top-up and payment services. The system also introduced a new type of wallet denominated in Russian Rubles, WMP. This wallet is available not only for Russians but also for citizens of Ukraine and Belarus, and next year it will be available for residents from other countries, where WebMoney registrars are present.

It is now easier to pass identification and obtain an Initial WebMoney Passport with VideoID, as you will only need your citizen passport, a camera device and a few minutes of your time.

Our list of mobile applications is replenished with WebMoney Keeper Pro with extended functionality. At the same time, standard WebMoney Keeper application added such features as sending and receiving your location with photo and video files attached and many others.

The upgraded WebMoney Events socio-business network now supports live streaming, reposts, a lightweight markup language called 'Markdown', and group chats.

Transfer of funds within the system and beyond has become more convenient! It is now possible to send funds to WebMoney wallets and to Sberbank with a mobile number.

Also, payments by QR-code from WebMoney wallet were launched in Burger King restaurants. By the way, have you seen our comedy video with more than a million views?

The important highlight of the year for us was the 40 millionth registration.

We thank the system participants for their trust. `Live long and prosper`, as the Star Trek  hero said. See you in 2020!


WebMoney Keeper – a universal application for Windows

WebMoney Keeper has become a universal client for Windows. From now on the application can be installed on a smartphone as well as on a desktop.

The supported operating systems are Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile (version 10049.0 and above).

WebMoney Keeper can be downloaded via the link.


WebMoney Keeper WinPro Version

A new version of WebMoney Keeper WinPro is now released with improved support for P-wallets. With the new version, you can add and withdraw funds, as well as make two-way fund transfers between P-wallets and linked cards/Yandex.Money and Qiwi wallets.

You can download and update WebMoney Keeper WinPro right from the programme. In addition, the WebMoney Keeper Pro mobile application is available for download from Google Play and App Store.


Mentor Service in WebMoney Keeper mobile application

The project management service, Mentor, has been integrated into the new version 3.5 of WebMoney Keeper for Android, iOS and macOS.

Using the app you can now set, carry out and manage tasks from your smartphone, as well as attach to a task photo and video files linked to geolocation.

To access the service, select `Mentor` from the `More` menu.


New features of WebMoney Keeper for iOS and macOS

A new version of WebMoney Keeper with new functionality, improved integration with the Debt and Files services is now available in the Apple App Store and the Mac App Store.

It has now become even easier to transfer funds via phone number and to top-up mobile phone by selecting the required contact from the contact list on your mobile device.

Users who operate with a number of WMIDs simultaneously within the app can now allocate a name to be displayed for each WMIDs.

Also, your operations within the E-NUM application can now be confirmed from another device by clicking the `Send response to the website` button.

You can download WebMoney Keeper for iOS and macOS right now.


New version of WebMoney Keeper for iOS, macOS and Android

New and updated version of WebMoney Keeper for iOS, macOS and Android is available now. It has new functionality and improved integration with the Files and Passport services.

New version allows you to send and request location coordinates with photo and video.

You can download the application from the Apple App Store, the Mac App Store and the Google Play Store app right now.


Updated version of WebMoney Keeper Standard

In the new version of WebMoney Keeper Standard, you can view the details of your financial relations with the selected correspondent which are displayed below the card with information about the correspondent. The time of the latest activity of the correspondent within the system is displayed in the second row of the chat on the same page. 

The settings now allow you to disable access to your WMID for WebMoney Keeper applications from the devices with Android, iOS and macOS operating systems. 

The `Standard Management Tools` option has been added to the interface settings for the convenience of those users who require special assistance. 

The new version also features improved localisation, optimised interaction with the Files.WebMoney service and many other upgrades.


Together into 2019: The Year End Results and Plans for the Future

Dear friends, we, at WebMoney, wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The days just before these winter holidays are traditionally considered as the time for reflection on the journey made to date, and for sending best wishes. Our wish to you is that you continue to confidently navigate towards your most ambitious goals and aspirations and, of course, that you always have your WebMoney wallets full.

For the past year, we were continuously working on enhancing the convenience of use of the WebMoney electronic wallet, not only for online operations but also in restaurants, cafes and shops. Our WebMoney Keeper mobile applications now have new functions allowing their users to engage in trading at the INDX online exchange, managing a few WMIDs at once and many more.

The WebMoney Events social and business network now has a new section, `Freelancers` and an option for creating personal assistants, bots.

One of the highlights of the year, in the juncture between art and technology, was the ICO for the screening of `Empire V` based on the novel by Victor Pelevin. We are pleased to share with you that the ICO was successfully finalised and, currently, the Bablos tokens can be purchased at the INDX online exchange.

In the past year, we have also supported the Bitcoin Cash hard fork on the 15th of November and credited the relevant volume of notes of the BSV.ECU instrument at to all system participants who were in possession of WMH at the time of the hard fork.

Our fundraising service which was launched at the beginning of 2018 has proved to be very popular among streamers, mainly due to the absence of additional commissions.

Options of adding funds to and withdrawing funds from a WebMoney wallet are now available in dozens of countries where WebMoney has a presence due to newly formed partnerships.

This year we celebrated our 20th birthday and we have no intention of slowing down and can promise you much excitement awaiting ahead, such as the launch of our services in new countries and the delivery of innovative solutions.


New version of WebMoney Keeper for iOS, macOS and Android

In the new version of WebMoney Keeper the status of your financial relations with the selected contact is displayed below the contact`s card. You can also see the last time the contact logged into the system.

The new settings allow you to log out of the application remotely if the application is installed on a device with a different operating system.

You can download a new version of the app from App Store, Mac App Store and Google Play.


Updated WebMoney Keeper 3.3.7 for Android

New version 3.3.7 of WebMoney Keeper for Android now supports the latest release Android 9.0 Pie and offers new functionality together with enhanced operational speed.

The new version of the application sports better functionality, for example, you can now send messages and share contact information with your correspondent. The relevant sections were added to the chat menu.

You can download the new version of the WebMoney Keeper application from Google Play.