Setting up conference calls in WebMoney Video

The WebMoney Video call service allows now to setup conference calls.

Simply specify the date and select the correspondents. At the appointed time everyone, who confirmed their participation in the conference, will receive a notification with the link to the video chat.

Let us to remind that the service does not require installation of additional programs: making video calls is possible from the browser, WebMoney Keeper and WebMoney Events. WebMoney Video has no call duration limits.


WebMoney has launched group video calls featuring access via face recognition

The international WebMoney Transfer system has updated WebMoney Video, its free service for making group video calls of unlimited length.

The new version places particular emphasis on security, with private video conferences now available via the service. The initiator of the call can select everyone that they want to invite to the meeting from their contacts list. WebMoney Video identifies users via WebMoney Login or using face recognition technology.

In addition, the number of participants in a video conference has been increased to eight. Screencasting and text chat features have also been added. Traffic encryption and connection security are provided by WebRTC technology. As well as open and private video conferences, the service also offers webcasting.

The updated version of WebMoney Video is now even faster and more stable during periods of increased traffic, which is particularly relevant during the pandemic. The service does not require users to install any additional software, since video calls can be made directly from a browser, the WebMoney Keeper app, and the WebMoney Events business social network.


New version of WebMoney Keeper WinPro 

The newest version of WebMoney Keeper WinPro is now more convenient for business with an added new feature which allows you to share your desktop with a selected contact.

Also, you can now adjust the font size in the chat with the mouse wheel while holding down the CTRL key.

To find out when a correspondent of interest logged into the system last, hover your mouse on the correspondent`s avatar while holding the CTRL key or click on `Correspondent Details`.

You can now find a new menu option for X/H/L wallets, `Withdraw to Address`, which will help you to quickly access the required website where you can submit an application for withdrawal.

You can upgrade to version of Keeper WinPro without downloading the distributed software. After you have logged into the previous version, you need to accept an update in the pop-up window and your version will be automatically upgraded.



New WebMoney Video - Build your successful business empire with us

WebMoney presents a new mysterious story about money, power and how business processes may become simpler and more convenient with WebMoney.

The story begins in the Mongol Empire where a noble khan is accepting offerings. One of the givers arrived empty handed and he transfers the khan money by scanning the QR-code from his book with the WebMoney Keeper mobile app. The next action happens in one of the Moscow City Towers where some businessmen have just concluded a successful deal, finalising it with an instant fund transfer.

Payments are an essential part of any business and it is crucial for payments to be conducted in a convenient and reliable way. WebMoney Transfer not only provides an option for making instant and secure fund transfers but also offers dozens of tools for various business activities to help you to create your own successful business empire.

You may have already noticed that we regularly update our video stories about people and the system services at Previously, as a video background on the website, you could view a video about how a restaurant bill was paid straight from space, and before that, we presented you with the story about John Snow, a main character in Game of Тhrones, who paid for a taxi ride with WebMoney.


New functions of WebMoney Video in Keeper WinPro

Users of the WebMoney system can now make free video calls directly from within Keeper with no need to install additional software. With the new version, Keeper WinPro, the WebMoney Video service is now easier and more convenient to use.

To start a video call, you need to click on the call button in a chat window or select this option from the context menu in your contact list. If someone from your contacts calls you, you will see a pop-up window of the incoming call.

The WebMoney Video service in Keeper WinPro will help you to effectively organise your work within the system.