Payment acceptance to RunPay MDL wallet via WebMoney Merchant

WebMoney system participants, holders of RunPay MDL wallets in Moldova can now benefit from the automatic payment acceptance via the WebMoney Merchant service

Information about the limits and the identification methods available in Moldova can be found via the link.

To recall, new payment widgets have recently been added to the WebMoney Merchant service.


New widgets to accept payment at Merchant WebMoney

Merchant WebMoney service has now new payment widgets that do not take away user from the merchant's website:

• a button to accept pauypayment by WebMoney and bank cards;
• a button to accept payments by bank cards;
• a payment form with user defined amount.


New WebMoney Video - Build your successful business empire with us

WebMoney presents a new mysterious story about money, power and how business processes may become simpler and more convenient with WebMoney.

The story begins in the Mongol Empire where a noble khan is accepting offerings. One of the givers arrived empty handed and he transfers the khan money by scanning the QR-code from his book with the WebMoney Keeper mobile app. The next action happens in one of the Moscow City Towers where some businessmen have just concluded a successful deal, finalising it with an instant fund transfer.

Payments are an essential part of any business and it is crucial for payments to be conducted in a convenient and reliable way. WebMoney Transfer not only provides an option for making instant and secure fund transfers but also offers dozens of tools for various business activities to help you to create your own successful business empire.

You may have already noticed that we regularly update our video stories about people and the system services at Previously, as a video background on the website, you could view a video about how a restaurant bill was paid straight from space, and before that, we presented you with the story about John Snow, a main character in Game of Тhrones, who paid for a taxi ride with WebMoney.