WebMoney Keeper Pro app update

A new version of the WebMoney Keeper Pro mobile application for professional usage has been released with new improved chat.

Users can now delete message history and view read status.

Additionally, the chat displays information about invoices and transactions.

Update or download WebMoney Keeper Pro from Google Play Store, Apple App Store or Huawei AppGallery right now!


WebMoney Keeper Apps Update

Meet the WebMoney Keeper app new version 5.0.0 for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows (UWP) and the updated website!

Customize the main screen of the app by adding the widgets you need: "Recent Actions", "Recent Transactions", "INDX", "WM⇄WM Exchange", "System News" and others.

The updated version is already available in the Apple App Store, Mac App Store, Google Play Market, HUAWEI AppGallery and Microsoft Store. To work with WebMoney Keeper, go to from your browser.


WebMoney Keeper WebPro Update

A  new version of WebMoney Keeper WebPro for the browser has been released with the improved chat support.

The usual actions - audio and video calls, sending files, transferring WebMoney and invoicing - are now available in one click thanks to the shortcut icons.

Working with files has become more convenient: appeared images and video preview and the ability to listen to audio. File can be downloaded by simply clicking on the icon.

The chat appearance has also been changed - the correspondents list is now shown on the left. In addition, when the interlocutor is typing text, an alert appears, and you can format the text using hot keys.


WebMoney Keeper Pro mobile app update

Please meet WebMoney Keeper Pro mobile application for professional usage in a new design.

The new version allows to generate QR-codes to topup WMP-wallet via the Faster Payments System (FPS) and send audio messages.

Additionally, the integration with the Events and Files services has been improved.

Update or download WebMoney Keeper Pro at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store right now!