WebMoney Keeper Update

A new version of the WebMoney Keeper mobile app for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows (UWP) and has been released.

The one-time verification code is no longer required to be entered manually. It can be sent automatically to the site at the Push-SMS receipt. web version has now the Memo bookmark manager integrated into it. Additionally, it has become more convenient to repeat recent operations.

Chats have new features. Copying multiple messages allows you to save text to the clipboard in the form of a dialogue, and in the chat menu you can turn off notifications from a particular correspondent.


WebMoney Keeper application update for mobile devices and macOS

WebMoney Keeper 4.1.0 for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows (UWP) has been released.

Easy access to the essentials! Click on the profile to open a section with the personal information of the system participant. Edit data and upload documents directly in WebMoney Keeper without being redirected to the Verification Centre website!

The application now has the ability to request the details of a virtual card and set names for the linked accounts.

Working with files has become more convenient: the new version of WebMoney Keeper supports video and allows sending several images at once. File upload is now available in the chat with technical support.

In the security settings it is possible to control the confirmation methods i.e. enable E-NUM or SMS.

Plus, the Android app got a dark theme!

Download WebMoney Keeper for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows (UWP) right now!


WebMoney Keeper WinPro Version

A new version of WebMoney Keeper WinPro is now released with improved support for P-wallets. With the new version, you can add and withdraw funds, as well as make two-way fund transfers between P-wallets and linked cards/Yandex.Money and Qiwi wallets.

You can download and update WebMoney Keeper WinPro right from the programme. In addition, the WebMoney Keeper Pro mobile application is available for download from Google Play and App Store.


WebMoney Keeper Pro mobile application for iOS

We are pleased to announce the release of a mobile application with advanced functionality for professional use, WebMoney Keeper Pro. The application is designed for users of WebMoney Keeper WebPro/WinPro.

Alongside the standard functionality, the pro version will allow you to create an unlimited number of wallets of the same type, manage a number of WM-identifiers and conduct operations with C/D wallets. In addition, WebMoney Keeper Pro offers extended options for operation with messages, transaction history and invoices.

You can download the application right now in the Apple App Store.

To recap, a new WebMoney Keeper Pro mobile app for Android is now available in the Google Play Store.


New features of WebMoney Keeper for iOS and macOS

A new version of WebMoney Keeper with new functionality, improved integration with the Debt and Files services is now available in the Apple App Store and the Mac App Store.

It has now become even easier to transfer funds via phone number and to top-up mobile phone by selecting the required contact from the contact list on your mobile device.

Users who operate with a number of WMIDs simultaneously within the app can now allocate a name to be displayed for each WMIDs.

Also, your operations within the E-NUM application can now be confirmed from another device by clicking the `Send response to the website` button.

You can download WebMoney Keeper for iOS and macOS right now.


New version of WebMoney Keeper for iOS, macOS and Android

In the new version of WebMoney Keeper the status of your financial relations with the selected contact is displayed below the contact`s card. You can also see the last time the contact logged into the system.

The new settings allow you to log out of the application remotely if the application is installed on a device with a different operating system.

You can download a new version of the app from App Store, Mac App Store and Google Play.


Renewed and updated WebMoney Keeper offers integration with INDX, invoice payment with QR code and other handy functionality

WebMoney system participants can now use a new improved version of WebMoney Keeper apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and macOS.

With the new version, trade operations at INDX Exchange can be conducted from within the app, by selecting the “More” option from the tab with the same name. 

The WebMoney Keeper sending audio messages function for iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac and for devices using Android OS has become even easier and more convenient to use by simply applying click and hold to the microphone icon at the bottom of the chat.

You can pay for utilities, pre-school bills and many other services without even entering payment details and avoid queueing in bank branches. To make a payment with the new version you just need to scan a QR-code on an invoice.

In addition to extended functionality, we made a number of corrections and improvements.

WebMoney Keeper 3.3.3 for iOS, 3.3.0 for Android, 3.3.0 for Windows Phone and 3.3.1 for macOS is now available for download.


The WebMoney Transfer system has released a new version of Keeper 2.7 for iOS

The latest version of Keeper 2.7 for iOS  features an optimised interface with `drag and drop` and `swipe` functions and is characterised by improved performance.

Incoming messages, transactions, invoices, requests, and other new events are now collected and stored in the Inbox, all purses, attached cards and other financial information is conveniently stored in the tab Finances.

Information about each correspondent, can now be easily found on their individual card. It includes transaction history updated chat design and other information about the correspondent.

With intuitive use of the `drag and drop` function you can now exchange funds, transfer funds to your purses, or withdraw funds to your bank card.

With the `swipe` function it is even easier to manage your cards, purses, conversations, and templates.


WebMoney is Launching an Improved Two-factor Authentication Service

The global settlement system WebMoney Transfer is launching an updated version of the E-NUM authentication service which will be available for use by owners of websites supporting a two-factor authentication system.

Over the past few years participants of the WebMoney system have been actively using the E-NUM application which generates one-time passwords in order to improve the safety of transactions.

A new interface of the official E-NUM website simplifies the mobile application installation process allowing immediate use of the service.

The authentication process is based on the “challenge-response” method: the E-NUM mobile application receives a push-notification and displays the only correct – response code on the mobile phone screen. Upon input of the response code in the authorization field the user gets access to the system`s services such as his/her personal account, their personal profile, transfer funds and make other transactions.

The E-NUM authentication system is now available to owners of external websites as well. In order to get access to the API, it`s necessary to make an application and receive approval on the official service website.

Currently the E-NUM service has approximately 2.5 million active users. Users who have already installed the E-NUM mobile application can access other services by authorising access to their personal data via the OAuth 2.0 standard.

E-NUM allows website owners with not only to provide additional security for their transactions but also to save costs by opting out of receiving SMS-confirmations.

The E-NUM service can be particularly relevant for the online banking industry. The E-NUM mobile application is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The E-NUM service can also be used with smart Android Wear and Pebble Watch.