Scheduled publications on WebMoney Events

Support for scheduled posts, comments and direct messages has been added to the social and business network WebMoney Events.

To schedule a post or a message, click on the clock icon in the sending form and select the desired date and time.

To recall, WebMoney Events allows you to manage projects, set tasks, create business pages and start a fundraiser.


WebMoney Events External Chat Update

WebMoney Events allows users to chat one-on-one or with multiple members. Now it has become more convenient and faster to express the feelings toward a message by adding reactions. Moreover reactions help to reduce overload in group chats. Popular emojis are available to choose from.

You can add a chat widget to your website for free. Select "Widgets" in the "For developers" menu, then "Chat" and follow the further instructions.


WebMoney Events update: how to streamline work with groups

Arrange groups in a convenient way by drag and drop in the left panel of WebMoney Events.

Place the most important groups to the top of the "Pinned" section, and move the rarely used ones to the "Recent" one.

Irrelevant groups can be removed from the left panel: just move it to the left with your mouse. To return the group, find it through the search and move it to the desired section.

Recall that WebMoney Events users can create public or secret groups, discuss projects there, set tasks with payment and conduct voting.


Reactions and new chat design in WebMoney Events

The social and business network WebMoney Events now supports reactions to posts, comments and messages. New option allows to express personal attitude using emoji.

Additionally, the chat design has been updated: correspondence is displayed in the standard format used in the most instant messengers.


WebMoney Events update

WebMoney Events, social and business network, now has a preview mode for events, comments and messages before publication.

The new filter by date helps to find necessary information much easier: just select a period from those offered in the quick search panel. The advanced search allows to specify the exact range of dates.

Additionally, administrators of communities and business pages have the ability now to unblock users. Go to the "Banned" section in the context menu of an event or a chat.

Recall that WebMoney Events helps to manage projects, find freelancers and set tasks with payment.


New wallets for paid tasks in WebMoney Events

New wallets for tasks with payment – WML and WMY – have been added to the WebMoney Events social and business network.

Setting tasks with payment significantly saves time when working with contractors. The contractor automatically receives funds to his WebMoney wallet as soon as the task is completed.

Recall that you can find the right specialist and sign up for a consultation with an expert in the "Freelancers" section.


Night theme for WebMoney Events

WebMoney Events, the social and business network, now supports a dark theme for its interface. 

This will not only save battery on devices with OLED screens, but also make text easier to read in low light.

To activate the night theme, click on the switch in the lower left menu.

WebMoney Events allows to manage projects, create business pages and conduct paid online consultations.


Stepping boldly into the New Year 2022!

Congratulations to WebMoney Transfer system participants on the upcoming New Year. Let the Year of the Tiger give you the courage to take on new ambitious projects and the rapidity with which you can easily overtake your competitors.

In 2022, we wish:

Increase income. WebMoney has all the tools to make it come true! If you are an expert in your field, try our platform for paid video consulting.

You can earn with Digiseller by selling digital goods, whether it's e-books, game keys, online courses or software.

Not familiar with the INDX Exchange yet? It's time to make money on shares of the largest companies and cryptocurrencies, especially this year the list of available instruments on has expanded significantly.

Self-confidence. Belief in victory is an integral part of the success, and the guarantee for any deal will be provided by WebMoney Escrow service.

Comfort in work. New WebMoney services, such as Memo, will help you to avoid routine. This is a personalised start page where all your links, bookmarks, RSS, to-do lists, widgets are collected in one place and always at hand.

Working on projects in the social and business network WebMoney Events has become even more convenient. You can make video conferences in group chats, and all events in which you were mentioned are collected in the "Mentions" section.

See you in the New Year!


Video conferencing in WebMoney Events group chats 

Conduct video conferences in the group chats of the social and business network WebMoney Events. To start a call in the group chat, click the "Video call" button and select the participants.

Keep in mind that WebMoney Events allows you to earn money by providing online consultations with a per-minute payment.


Mentions section in WebMoney Events

The WebMoney Events social and business network has added more convenient functionality helping you to work on projects: all events you were noted, tagged, or have been granted access to are now collected in the Mentions section.

Those events can be arranged by date or by the most recent activity in the event.

Keep in mind that WebMoney Events allows you to earn money by providing paid online consultations with a per-minute payment.


Attention, 2020 is just around the corner!

We are now entering New Year territory and ask system participants to get ready to hear the annual company results, and to receive New Year wishes.

2019 proved to be a very eventful year.

Once again we expanded our geographical borders – WebMoney entered Uzbekistan and introduced WMY-wallet in the local currency, Uzbekistani som. And in Kazakhstan, we significantly increased the number of top-up and payment services. The system also introduced a new type of wallet denominated in Russian Rubles, WMP. This wallet is available not only for Russians but also for citizens of Ukraine and Belarus, and next year it will be available for residents from other countries, where WebMoney registrars are present.

It is now easier to pass identification and obtain an Initial WebMoney Passport with VideoID, as you will only need your citizen passport, a camera device and a few minutes of your time.

Our list of mobile applications is replenished with WebMoney Keeper Pro with extended functionality. At the same time, standard WebMoney Keeper application added such features as sending and receiving your location with photo and video files attached and many others.

The upgraded WebMoney Events socio-business network now supports live streaming, reposts, a lightweight markup language called 'Markdown', and group chats.

Transfer of funds within the system and beyond has become more convenient! It is now possible to send funds to WebMoney wallets and to Sberbank with a mobile number.

Also, payments by QR-code from WebMoney wallet were launched in Burger King restaurants. By the way, have you seen our comedy video with more than a million views?

The important highlight of the year for us was the 40 millionth registration.

We thank the system participants for their trust. `Live long and prosper`, as the Star Trek  hero said. See you in 2020!


WebMoney Events Update: Streaming, Reposts and Markdown

Meet the reposts in the WebMoney Events socio-business network - you can now share any event, comment and message.

Stream online! Your contacts will receive a notification of the start of stream and would be able to join the viewing.

The text formatting is now even easier and more convenient as you can use main codes from the simplified mark-up language Markdown.

The changes also affect WebMoney Events remote online chats – now you can view responses, references to participants and information of a number of users online.


Group chats in WebMoney Events

Discussing projects has become even more convenient! The social business network WebMoney Events has now the opportunity to create group chats. You can determine yourself the visibility of previous posts for new members and add up to 512 people to the group chat. 

Chats of any type have now available: 

  • functionality to delete your own messages as well as messages of all members; 

  • the delivery status and time of the message review.


Together into 2019: The Year End Results and Plans for the Future

Dear friends, we, at WebMoney, wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The days just before these winter holidays are traditionally considered as the time for reflection on the journey made to date, and for sending best wishes. Our wish to you is that you continue to confidently navigate towards your most ambitious goals and aspirations and, of course, that you always have your WebMoney wallets full.

For the past year, we were continuously working on enhancing the convenience of use of the WebMoney electronic wallet, not only for online operations but also in restaurants, cafes and shops. Our WebMoney Keeper mobile applications now have new functions allowing their users to engage in trading at the INDX online exchange, managing a few WMIDs at once and many more.

The WebMoney Events social and business network now has a new section, `Freelancers` and an option for creating personal assistants, bots.

One of the highlights of the year, in the juncture between art and technology, was the ICO for the screening of `Empire V` based on the novel by Victor Pelevin. We are pleased to share with you that the ICO was successfully finalised and, currently, the Bablos tokens can be purchased at the INDX online exchange.

In the past year, we have also supported the Bitcoin Cash hard fork on the 15th of November and credited the relevant volume of notes of the BSV.ECU instrument at to all system participants who were in possession of WMH at the time of the hard fork.

Our fundraising service which was launched at the beginning of 2018 has proved to be very popular among streamers, mainly due to the absence of additional commissions.

Options of adding funds to and withdrawing funds from a WebMoney wallet are now available in dozens of countries where WebMoney has a presence due to newly formed partnerships.

This year we celebrated our 20th birthday and we have no intention of slowing down and can promise you much excitement awaiting ahead, such as the launch of our services in new countries and the delivery of innovative solutions.