Stepping boldly into the New Year 2022!

Congratulations to WebMoney Transfer system participants on the upcoming New Year. Let the Year of the Tiger give you the courage to take on new ambitious projects and the rapidity with which you can easily overtake your competitors.

In 2022, we wish:

Increase income. WebMoney has all the tools to make it come true! If you are an expert in your field, try our platform for paid video consulting.

You can earn with Digiseller by selling digital goods, whether it's e-books, game keys, online courses or software.

Not familiar with the INDX Exchange yet? It's time to make money on shares of the largest companies and cryptocurrencies, especially this year the list of available instruments on has expanded significantly.

Self-confidence. Belief in victory is an integral part of the success, and the guarantee for any deal will be provided by WebMoney Escrow service.

Comfort in work. New WebMoney services, such as Memo, will help you to avoid routine. This is a personalised start page where all your links, bookmarks, RSS, to-do lists, widgets are collected in one place and always at hand.

Working on projects in the social and business network WebMoney Events has become even more convenient. You can make video conferences in group chats, and all events in which you were mentioned are collected in the "Mentions" section.

See you in the New Year!