WebMoney Funding Now Supports Donations on TikTok and Trovo

WebMoney Funding is announcing that streamers can now collect donations on TikTok and Trovo, in addition to YouTube and Twitch.

With WebMoney Funding, you can customize the appearance of donation alerts, sound effects, text-to-speech messages, donation goals, and more.

Viewers can send donations using WebMoney, USDT, and bank cards (depending on the country of issue).


Crypto and bank card donations

Create a payment page in two clicks and instantly receive donations or tips to your WebMoney wallet.

The payer chooses a convenient payment method - by bank card, cryptocurrency (interest-free payments in USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) or WebMoney.

It is easy to create a donation page in the official Telegram bot @webmoneywalletbot. Select the desired wallet, then "Top up", choose "Via donations", add a description of the campaign. The payment form can be customized - you can set an avatar and a background.

Post a link or a QR code on streams, websites, social networks. A special link for Telegram will allow you to make transfers without leaving the messenger (demo @ArtGalleryDemo). In addition, a print-ready pdf sticker is available for offline placement.

The received funds can be immediately withdrawn to any bank cards, in cryptocurrencies or spent on paying for services. More on