Crypto and bank card donations

Create a payment page in two clicks and instantly receive donations or tips to your WebMoney wallet.

The payer chooses a convenient payment method - by bank card, cryptocurrency (interest-free payments in USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) or WebMoney.

It is easy to create a donation page in the official Telegram bot @webmoneywalletbot. Select the desired wallet, then "Top up", choose "Via donations", add a description of the campaign. The payment form can be customized - you can set an avatar and a background.

Post a link or a QR code on streams, websites, social networks. A special link for Telegram will allow you to make transfers without leaving the messenger (demo @ArtGalleryDemo). In addition, a print-ready pdf sticker is available for offline placement.

The received funds can be immediately withdrawn to any bank cards, in cryptocurrencies or spent on paying for services. More on