WebMoney Transfer: 23 years in orbit

Since the first transaction on November 20, 1998, WebMoney has transformed into a virtual universe with millions of participants who use the System's services every day to solve everyday and work tasks.

WebMoney Transfer has crossed not only the 23-year milestone, but also an important mark of 45 million registrations. For us, these are not just numbers, but human stories. Someone received their first ever earnings on WebMoney wallet, for others it is a convenient way to transfer funds to relatives in another country, and for someone our tools and services have become a springboard for the development of a successful business.

New achievements await you and us ahead. We will continue to create unique solutions with which work in the System will become even more convenient and there will be more opportunities for the implementation of your projects.


Roblox Gift Cards for WebMoney

System participants can buy gift cards to top up their balance on the Roblox platform in WebMoney Keeper.

Go to the Payments section and in the Games category select Roblox. Enter your e-mail and select the value of the gift card, 10 or 25 USD. After payment, the pin code will be displayed on the electronic receipt, and will be sent to the specified e-mail along with activation instructions.

Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system. It allows users to program games and play games created by other users.