Digiseller now has a task scheduler for goods

The Digiseller service for selling and delivering digital content now has a task scheduler for goods.

Users can specify time periods during which sales of an item will be suspended or its price will be altered. When activating the “Sale” option, the relevant information is displayed on trading platforms and in your own stores.

The scheduler will come in useful for sellers who want to automate their sales and conduct marketing campaigns for customers.


New version of Digiseller

The Digiseller service used for the sale and delivery of digital content has been significantly updated. The new version offers to users English version of a user personal profile, an option of sending mass emails to their customer base and sending notifications to Telegram together with the connection to Google Analytics, new themes for their shop widget and other new functionality. 

Sellers now have an option of adding an agent to the blacklist, hiding their advertising rate on trading platforms and making copies of descriptions of their products.

Sellers of the platform can also benefit from using a convenient template engine for the mass setting of parameters of agent fees, and can also use a specially designed tool for the protection from wholesale dealers.