Summing up and charting our course for 2024

It has been a significant year for the WebMoney system as we celebrated our 25th anniversary and actively worked on improving our services and creating new solutions.

Our team has updated applications and added bot for Telegram to WebMoney Keeper. Apart from standard functionalities, new feature enables creation of direct donation links to be used via Telegram, on website, or through QR codes.

Throughout this year, the system participants were able to conduct transfers without geographic limitations sending funds to bank accounts and cards in various currencies including dollars, euros, and yuan.

A new WMS wallet in Uzbek sums was introduced to the WebMoney system this year. Furthermore, it is now also available to transfer the funds from WMT wallet in USDT to a bank card.

We have added over 100 new services to pay for in WMZ, WMT, and WMS, including mobile operators and popular games. The number of available currencies in WebMoney Debt service has increased.

Additionally, users can now attach an unlimited number of custom domain names within the WebMoney Mail service.

We would also like to highlight the updates from our partners. The Paymer digital checks service has made significant improvements, while the INDX exchange has added new cryptocurrencies.

We are confident that the coming year will be even more productive. We wish you confidence in your chosen path, promising business ideas, and the energy to achieve your goals We look forward to seeing you in 2024!