New video from WebMoney – Wild dancing at Burger King

The WebMoney Transfer system in partnership with Burger King shot a viral video which hit over a million views on the VKontakte social network in the first 24 hours after launch.

The video concept is based on the increasingly popular trend of dance videos. The idea was inspired by the performances of the video blogger Dominique Barrett best known as KING VADER.

In the story, the customer places an order, the cashier clarifies with the customer about WebMoney payment and cashback, then the music starts and the dancing begins. Everybody in the restaurant is dancing, including other customers and even the chef. After payment is completed, it seems that none of the dancing has just happened, the customers are calmly finishing their burgers, someone is waiting for their order, and the chef is stirring fries… But, when the next customer is approaching the till, everything starts again.