The changes in the version, WebMoney Keeper WinPro (Classic), are aimed at improving the stability and security of the program. Particular attention is given to the new features that will make using WebMoney Keeper WinPro even more convenient:

• Supports national encoding:

– inputting and displaying text,

– notes in the history of transactions and invoices (in the Inbox list).

• Improved integration with the service of attached cards and accounts

– the possibility to transfer funds from the attached cards \ accounts within the application (the cards that allow to carry out such operation),

– improved procedure for card and account replenishment.

WebMoney Keeper WinPro version is available for download in Russian and English.

Keeper WinPro is compatible with the operating system Windows: 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.


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GSM operators in Turkey are available via WebMoney

WebMoney Transfer, the global settlement system, has announced a partnership agreement, which will now allow WebMoney users to top-up their credits to all major GSM operators in Turkey.

To perform a top-up transaction, please follow this link: In order to complete the transaction, please enter your phone number, select the top-up amount, and choose a purse. You can top-up your balance via WebMoney Keeper as well. The total process should take only a few seconds.

There are currently three mobile operators in Turkey — Turkcell, Vodafone, and Avea, which boasted about 69 million GSM lines in the end of  2013.

System participants in Turkey will soon be able to pay via WebMoney for utility bills and access to the internet, telephone service, VOIP, as well.


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WebMoney offers user applications for social networks

The global settlement system WebMoney Transfer announces the launch of user applications for Facebook, VKontakte, and Odnoklassniki. Applications allow you to perform payments with your friends on social networks, pay for number of goods and services without leaving your profile page.

Following the WebMoney Keeper, designed for operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, Linux and for devices based on iOS, Android, and Bada, the WebMoney team offers a new application for Facebook, as well as versions for popular applications for VKontakte and Odnoklassniki with new interface and enhanced functionality.

In addition to mutual payments with friends, the application can be used for paying for mobile communications, Internet, TV and utilities. The payment for popular online games and depositing funds into accounts of social networks and communities is simplified. The payment for number of services of local providers is available to users of WebMoney Keeper in Russia, Latin America, Vietnam, Turkey and other countries.

Inside the application, WM can be transferred to the attached bank accounts and cards and wallets of electronic payment systems, as well as an exchange to different WM types. WebMoney Keeper applications for social networks are designed as a purse attached to a social network account. After the initial installation, WebMoney Keeper appears on a social network page in Applications section; the history of previous transactions, entries in the business network of Events.WebMoney synchronize with the new version. If the user has not previously registered in WebMoney, it is necessary to select the option “Create a new purse” and in the window that appears the user shall select the type of payment units.

The list of contacts provides information about friends in the social network who also installed the WebMoney Keeper. If the user wants to transfer funds or to incur or grant a loan to a contact from the friends’ list on a social network, the application allows sending a notice with invitation to install a WebMoney-purse.

Commenting on the issue of WebMoney Keeper for social networks, Peter Darakhvelidze, the Director of Business Development of WebMoney Transfer, said: “While working on the application, we sought to combine the maximum functionality on the same platform. Thus, we have created a new ecosystem in which the users not only communicate and share news with their friends on social networks but can also conduct settlements, lend or borrow loans and make online purchases.”

WebMoney Keeper for social networks is available in Russian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Turkish.

The applications can be installed via the following links:

Keeper for Facebook;

Keeper for VKontakte;

Keeper for OK (Odnoklassniki)


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IBM dividends were paid out on

Internet exchange INDX is announcing the payment of dividends of 0.0007 WMZ/note to the IBM.SER (International Business Machines Corporation) note holders. Dividends were paid to the traders, who had of the notes of this financial instrument in their portfolios at 12 00 am, on August 8, 2014

Internet exchange INDX allows the Members of WebMoney Transfer System to try the role of a trader, while receiving regular interest on the deposited funds. INDX is also the place, where derivative financial instruments – notes, secured by shares of Russian and foreign companies, such as Gazporm, Lukoil, Rostelecom, RusGidro, Tatneft, Apple, Cisco Systems, Dell, Oracle, Microsoft Corporation and others, are traded. does not charge fees for trading transactions or maintenance of trading accounts.

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INTEL Corporation dividends were paid out on

Internet exchange INDX is announcing the payment of dividends of 0.0014 WMZ/note to the INTC.SER (INTEL Corporation) note holders. Any Member of WebMoney Transfer System can trade securities on the Internet exchange INDX.

INDX is the place where derivative financial instruments – notes, secured by shares of Russian and foreign companies, such as Gazporm, Lukoil, Rostelecom, RusGidro, Tatneft, Apple, Cisco Systems, Dell, Oracle, Microsoft Corporation and others, are traded. Because the face values of notes traded on the Internet exchange are low, and no fees are charged for transactions or maintenance of trading accounts, INDX is perceived an efficient educational resource for entry-level traders, and a valuable testing facility for experienced traders, perfecting their trading strategies.


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More top-up methods of WebMoney purses in Latin America

WebMoney Transfer, international payment system consolidates its positions in the whole world and particularly in Latin America. In the countries of that region now are available new locations for top-up via online bank transfer or cash payment with very small commission (2,8% for each operation).

People of Mexico can do that in  OXXO, the largest chain of convenience stores, that has more than 11, 000 locations.

In Brazil everyone can top-up his purse via online bank transfer in  Caixa Economica Federal and Santander bank. We reduced previous commission in such banks as Itaú, Bradesco, Banco do Brasil and HSBC and add more branches of Boleto Bancario.

Top-up in Chile is available in 11 countries and in ServiPag branches that work 24/7. In Peru our users have 7 new top-up methods with cash payment and 6 more via online bank transfer. Also 365 locations of RedPagos in Uruguay now accept payment for WebMoney Transfer.

We are working hard to get more location like these to let our customers feel more comfortable and pretty soon we’ll announce new top-up methods in other countries of that region.

Comments Off on More top-up methods of WebMoney purses in Latin America instant loans for WebMoney users

Dear users, WMKredit launched “Express loans” – loans is that you can get just login without personal passport checks and debts on the purse for only personal passport WebMoney.

30 seconds and the money you have on your wallet! Get a loan online on the

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The number of WebMoney accounts have reached 25 000 000

The number of registered WebMoney accounts have reached 25 Million.

The system grows faster and faster. In the beginning of 2013 we have reported around 20 million registered WMIDs and in 2010 we had 10 million accounts.

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You can now withdraw WMZ in cash and national currency from your WebMoney purses with 3% commission rate via TAFT İletişim branches in Turkey

WebMoney Transfer users in Turkey can now perform withdrawal process from their Z-purses via TAFT İletişim Hizmetleri’s branches with 3% commission rate.

You may create withdrawal request via WebMoney Transfer official website. For more information you can contact us through our mail address:

Also you can reach to list of the TAFT branches that you can use the service:

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My WebMoney app is now available in Mac App Store

A new application My WebMoney is now available in Mac App Store, a software distribution platform for Mac OS X (version 10.7 and higher). The fast and convenient application provides you with all the basic features of WebMoney Keeper Mini:

  • Transfer of funds;
  • Payment for services;
  • Purchasing of digital products;
  • Messaging –

and many other options.

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