WMX – the new type of title units

The new type of title units named WMX has come into service at WebMoney Transfer system.

WMX is a unit of measurement delegated by WebMoney Transfer users and stored in the Guarantor`s (INDX Transactions LTD) storage for property rights to publish entries in the distributed transactional database of the bitcoin.org peer-to-peer network.

You can perform operations with X-purses using ether WM Keeper Classic ver. or WM Keeper Light. WMX funding and withdrawal are available at wmx.webmoney.ru service.

Please read the rules of WMX funding/withdrawal and the Agreement on Property Rights Keeping.

After depositing bitcoins to be stored in the Guarantor`s storage, the WebMoney Transfer user can exchange them into WMZ, WME or to other title units at wmeng.exchanger.ru and make a purchase at any of tens of thousands online-shops connected to the System.

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  1. 339893940701(BL: 0) says:

    what happened to wmx.webmoney.ru service?
    cannot access it!

  2. 234388240743(BL: 191) says:

    Xd I wish I have invested in it 🙁

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