WebMoney purses top-up in most countries of the world

Today WebMoney users (individuals) can top-up WMZ and WME purses, by wire transfers from any bank in almost all countries. This service covers the countries where WebMoney purse loading by bank transfers was unavailable before. If a payment is made in a currency different from USD and EUR then the exchange is made by the receiving bank. A wire transfer takes approximately 1 to 3 banking days. A purse is loaded automatically after assets are received. A service commission of 1.5% or $100 USD/EUR will be deducted whichever is greater. You can get more information on our website

11 Responses to WebMoney purses top-up in most countries of the world
  1. 257297144657(BL: 0) says:

    Doesn’t work since 3 days ago 🙁 browser can’t load https://top-up.webmoney.ru/?l=en

  2. 257297144657(BL: 0) says:

    I’ve Beeline in Moscow, and connected to it i cant load top-up.webmoney.ru but using a VPN i can access.

    Is problem of your server or of beeline ?

  3. 257297144657(BL: 0) says:

    I’ve to say that before was working perfectly

  4. 301107783057(BL: 0) says:

    Yes it is not working for 3 days. I am waiting and waiting… hope it will be repaired tomorrow.

  5. 356271344821(BL: 0) says:

    neosurf from france dont work why

  6. 228418722805(BL: 0) says:

    i use credit card through top up it was aborted

  7. 228418722805(BL: 0) says:

    i want to use credit card to fund my wmz. How do i do it through top up?

  8. 436058177155(BL: 0) says:

    i want to topup in pakistan by bank …..?

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