It is now easier to top-up WebMoney in 38 countries

WebMoney top-up service is offering users more countries for Z and E purses top-up by bank wire in national currency.

The service is now available in 38 countries, including almost all EU countries and even Turkey.

Payments can be made by wire transfer in national currency to a local bank, this significantly reduces the time for purse top-up and expenditures for a bank transfer. The service commission is 1.5 EUR or 2 USD.

26 Responses to It is now easier to top-up WebMoney in 38 countries
  1. 451283103010(BL: 0) says:

    Top-Up service is not available in the selected country.

    WoW, I Life in Germany and it don´t work more Thanks 🙂


  2. 333980720338(BL: 0) says:

    Top-up in Germany is just gone without any explanation.
    Please tell us why or when it’ll be available again.


  3. 156352345125(BL: 4) says:

    Every other country seems to get more and easy ways to Top-Up, but Germany is blocked.
    The frustrating part is, noone tells reasons or posts information. Just sad. Please Fix it soon.

  4. Support says:

    We know and work under the issue, but cannot tell you exactly when it will be available.

    • 204515317719(BL: 0) says:

      Not to be disrespectful or anything, but as it stands, I can’t refill my purse right now. I tend to use WM for my business transactions. Aside from the fact that bank transfer is no longer available in Germany, Ukash doesn’t work either. An explanation would be nice.

  5. 466828041737(BL: 22) says:

    Yea same , I am in dire need of a working top-up method for germany.

    My business suffers damage right as we speak , not being able to deliver my services.

  6. 298102535172(BL: 0) says:

    Germany. This we need it, very sad 😀

  7. 204515317719(BL: 0) says:

    Are you kidding me, how long does it take to fix a problem? I am almost inclined to write “typical”, since this is the kind of support I’ve come to expect from webmoney over the years (Implementing your service on a fairly large website has been an ordeal to say the least…).

  8. 165824964372(BL: 0) says:

    I am sad about the lack of interest, too.

    But I am mad about my top-up last week via ukash austria card that has not been top up my webmoney purse yet although the ukash voucher had been charged! And the webmoney support does not seem to react to my email and my ticket (5662303).

  9. 466828041737(BL: 22) says:

    any news regarding this ? It is march now , do we have a solution by now ?

    I don’t want to use a ripoff 3rd party service that will charge me 14% fees.


  10. 111365999409(BL: 0) says:

    how can i transfer money to my account in Webmoney?

  11. 312067381366(BL: 0) says:


  12. Support says:

    Please use support e-mails for clarifications and additional questions.

  13. 466828041737(BL: 22) says:

    Top-Up isnt working at all again , have to pay enormous fees once again.

    Please fix it asap.


  14. 545006727440(BL: 0) says:

    How can I withdraw WMZ in Pakistan.

  15. 178253404205(BL: 0) says:

    Can I pay my mobile and internet bills from my WMZ in India?

  16. 261101562382(BL: 0) says:

    is there any live chat-help?

  17. 130142557747(BL: 11) says:

    Hi we need topup facility in India!!

  18. 428425635469(BL: 0) says:

    I am in saudi arabia and i can top up my web money account what is hapen

  19. 127081693016(BL: 0) says:

    how can we topup in india

  20. 311194242534(BL: 0) says:

    Hello, I would like to know might someone can help me about this, since I was opening my account I don’t see my name or it please help me.

  21. 200789178788(BL: 0) says:

    hi I opend acc … Righ now I wanna buy somting … How Can I recharge my acc … ? I have master caard from india … ??? is not work ???
    i need charge … plz replay

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