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BITCOIN.ECU instrument changed nominal value on INDX Internet exchange

The nominal value of the BITCOIN.ECU instrument has been changed on June 20, 2017 and now equals 1/1000 ВТС (1 mBTC).

Reduction of the nominal value follows rapid growth of the underlying asset – accounting units of The new ratio widens opportunities for traders to acquire notes.

Via INDX one can trade derivative securities called notes, secured by shares of blue-chip companies and other assets. INDX Internet exchange is an effective training tool for beginners, as no service charges are applied.


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You can now top up your Viber account with Webmoney

The universal payment system WebMoney Transfer has entered into a partnership with Viber, the Voice over IP, instant messaging and file exchange service, which is used by over 800 million users around the world.

WebMoney system users can now top up their accounts in Viber Out – an additional chargeable service, which allows users to make calls to landline and mobile numbers, even if they do not have internet access or the Viber app installed.

To add funds, you need to select Viber Out from the `Payment for services` menu on the website or in the WebMoney Keeper mobile app, enter the phone number and the top up amount. You can check the call rates by the call`s destination or the phone number on the Viber official website.

The Viber Out top up service is available to WebMoney Transfer system users worldwide.

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Facebook Game Cards with WebMoney

Facebook Game Card is a quick and easy way to make in-game purchases within your favorite games and applications on the social network. You can use the Card with thousands of Facebook applications, whether it is for making a run-through the game or for playing more games with your friends.

You can buy a Game Card denominated in 5 USD or in 10 USD with WebMoney on the trading platform To redeem your Game Card, you need to enter the card number or the digital PIN-code into

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LUKOIL notes paid out on

Traders who had LUKOIL notes in their portfolio as of December 14, 2015 have received 0,0072 WMZ per note.

The secure and convenient to use Internet Exchange is providing WebMoney Transfer system participants the opportunity to trade in derivatives of the companies listed on the online platform.

The absence of transaction fees together with the fact that shares denominated in small values make it easier for traders to form investment portfolios and to develop trading strategies. With it is simple and easy to invest available funds independently without the help of professional brokers.

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Owners of Apple shares have received their dividend payments on

On the 9th of November 2015 owners of Apple Inc. shares have received dividend payments of the amount of 0,0023 WMZ per share.

Traders of any level can use the online platform to form a diversified portfolio, which can include operating with shares of small denominations, issued by Apple, Miscoroft, Amazon, Cisco, Adobe,, Yandex and other high-tech companies.

Benefits of using include using a trading account free of service charge as well as no transaction fees.

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Fantastic deals on AliExpress for WebMoney invites WebMoney users to take part in a global Shopping Day, also known as Bachelor’s Day in China. Discover fabulous bargains on 11/11/2014 with over 1 million items ON SALE!

Quick deals announcements, 50% discount notices and special offers from vendors on various items in different categories are already available to the users.

This bargain sale will last only 24 hours! Free delivery for buyers is included.


IBM dividends were paid out on

Internet exchange INDX is announcing the payment of dividends of 0.0007 WMZ/note to the IBM.SER (International Business Machines Corporation) note holders. Dividends were paid to the traders, who had of the notes of this financial instrument in their portfolios at 12 00 am, on August 8, 2014

Internet exchange INDX allows the Members of WebMoney Transfer System to try the role of a trader, while receiving regular interest on the deposited funds. INDX is also the place, where derivative financial instruments – notes, secured by shares of Russian and foreign companies, such as Gazporm, Lukoil, Rostelecom, RusGidro, Tatneft, Apple, Cisco Systems, Dell, Oracle, Microsoft Corporation and others, are traded. does not charge fees for trading transactions or maintenance of trading accounts.

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INTEL Corporation dividends were paid out on

Internet exchange INDX is announcing the payment of dividends of 0.0014 WMZ/note to the INTC.SER (INTEL Corporation) note holders. Any Member of WebMoney Transfer System can trade securities on the Internet exchange INDX.

INDX is the place where derivative financial instruments – notes, secured by shares of Russian and foreign companies, such as Gazporm, Lukoil, Rostelecom, RusGidro, Tatneft, Apple, Cisco Systems, Dell, Oracle, Microsoft Corporation and others, are traded. Because the face values of notes traded on the Internet exchange are low, and no fees are charged for transactions or maintenance of trading accounts, INDX is perceived an efficient educational resource for entry-level traders, and a valuable testing facility for experienced traders, perfecting their trading strategies.


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